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Process and Expertise
Deborah Marr Interiors offers a wide variety of services including:
Initial Consultation - Deborah Marr Interiors provides an initial consultation meeting without any obligation or fee. Many clients know their likes and dislikes when it comes to colors and furniture styles, but may not know the "right" way to put their design concepts together. In the initial meeting, Debbie listens to her prospective clients describe their design needs and requirements, then she explains the array of services she offers and her method of compensation for her design services. During this phase, the designer also obtains an understanding of the constraints - financial or otherwise - that might affect the project.
Space Panning - The core part of the design process is where the designer makes the space practical, workable and aesthetically pleasing. 

Furniture Flooring and Color Selection - Furniture selection is based on each client's needs and style.  The designer chooses paint colors and woods to match design ideas.  Floor coverings such as carpets, tile, hardwood and other materials are chosen during this phase.

New Home Window Treatment Design and Selection - The designer observes the property or space to be designed during this part of the process.  Typically, the designer will ask the client when the property purchase or building completion is due.  The designer then finds out what existing possessions are to be incorporated in the new scheme.

Plan Design - The plan is the most important drawing for the designer.  It gives an overall view of the arrangements and dimensions of a given area, and, when it is combined with the analysis of space and briefing notes, it provides the designer with a basis from which to work out a design solution.

Budget - When the designer knows what the client's budget is, the designer selects and recommends furniture selections and interior finishes within a certain price category.  Deborah Marr Interiors establishes practical cost estimates and time schedules for each project and presents the budget for client approval.

Purchasing - With access to countless sources of interior finish materials, appliances and furnishings that are available to Deborah Marr Interiors, the designer helps clients purchase the best for their homes that are within the client's budget.